MDPX Physics Mission

MDPX project goals:

  • Develop a fully magnetized dusty plasma system
  • Develop flexible, multi-configuration magnetic geometry
  • Operate as a multi-user facility

Two primaryscientific questions:

  • As a plasma becomes magnetized (ie., where the dynamics of the electrons, then the ions, and finally the charged micro particle are controlled by the magnetic field - how do the structural, thermal, charging, and collective properties of the system evolve?

  • If a dusty plasma has magnetic particles (e.g., paramagnetic, super-paramagnetic, or ferromagnetic particles) how does the system evolve in the presence of uniform and non-uniform magnetic fields?

Preliminary research plans:

The MDPX project envisions a preliminary set of experiments that will take place after initial operations begin. A summary of these activities is given in the figure below.

research plan

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