Dusty Plasmas: PIV

Dusty plasma diagnostics:

Making measurements of dusty plasma can be quite challenging. Many of the usual probe diagnostic techniques used for plasma physics research can significantly perturb a dusty plasma. Therefore, optical measurements using the scatting of laser light from the suspended particles are the primary diagnostic tool used for dusty plasma studies.

Particle image velocimetry (PIV):

Since the late 1990's, the AUPSL has advanced the application of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) techniques to dusty plasma studies. First using two-dimensional PIV (since, 1999) and later stereoscopic PIV (since, 2004) and high-speed PIV (since, 2011), the AUPSL has applied PIV to a wide range of dusty plasma studies - including vortices, waves, and particle transport. Using stereo-PIV, it is also possible to characterize the velocity space distribution of the charged microparticle component of the plasma and to measure the thermodynamic properties of the dusty plasma.

The PIV measurement technique:

piv slide.017

piv slide.018

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