Prof. Edward Thomas, Jr. (link to faculty webpage)
Assoc. Prof. Uwe Konopka(link to faculty webpage)

Engineering Technician

  • Darrick Artis

Post-doctoral Researchers:

  • N. Ivan Arnold (PhD, Auburn University, 2017) - Optical diagnosis of plasmas - emission spectroscopy (in collaboration with Prof. Stuart Loch)

  • Surabhi Jaiswal (PhD., Homi Bhabha National Institute, India, 2017) - Particle growth and ordered structures in magnetized dusty plasmas.

Current graduate students

  • Spencer LeBlanc (MDPX project)
  • Taylor Hall (MDPX project)
  • Michael McKinlay (Laboratory dusty plasmas)
  • Mohamad Menati (Modeling of dusty plasmas)
  • Lori Scott (PK4 and microgravity dusty plasmas)
  • Stephen Williams (MDPX project)

Undergraduate students

  • Samuel Levenson
  • Conner Robinson
  • Neve Smith
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