Past updates


January, 2016-Graduate student from Hanyang University conducting a collaborative experiment on probes in strongly magnetized plasmas using the MDPX device.

November 16-20, 2015- PSL presents seven papers at the APS-Division of Plasma Physics Meeting, including an invited talk by Prof. Edward Thomas on MDPX.


October, 2015- Graduate student from University ofGreifswald conducts a collaborative experiment on dusty plasma using the MDPX device.

July 10, 2015- MDPX shutdown for cryocooler servicing. Estimated restart - August 24, 2015

June 10, 2015- Paper on“The dielectronic recombination of Ar(+)–Ar(4+)” by N. I. Arnold, et. al., accepted for publication in J. Phys. B.

March 4, 2015 -Paper on“Observations of imposed ordered structures in a dusty plamsa at high magnetic field” by E. Thomas, Jr., et al., published in Phys. Plasmas.


June 23-27, 2014- PSL group makes four out of six presentations by Auburn researchers at the European Physical Society - Plasma Physics meeting in Berlin, Germany.

May 29, 2014-Featured storyon the Auburn home page about the magnet lab.

April 17, 2014- MDPX magnet was delivered in February, 2014. Cool down occured between March 24 and April 11, 2014. First magnetic field of 0.5 Tesla was produced on the afternoon of April 15, 2014. Coils have been charged to 1 Tesla, and then to 2 Tesla on April 16, 2014. See the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment page for more info!

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