Past Personnel

Former PhD students

Dr. Brian Lynch

Dr. N. Ivan Arnold

Matthias Wolter (Visiting graduate student) - University of Greifswald, Germany (2006)
Victor Land (Visiting graduate student) - FOM Institute for Plasma Physics, Netherlands (2005)

Former MS students

Former Undergraduate Students

Meridith Grimsley (2002)
Joseph Senne (2006)
Michael Taylor (DM 2008)

Matt Gill (2012)
R. Taylor Sutherland (2012)
Kevin Gilmore (2013)
Phillip Price (2013)
Abe Schnake (2013)
Joseph Shaw (2013)
Patrick Donnan (2013)
Taylor Hall (2014)
James Schloss (2015)
Brian Bender (DM, 2016)
Ayden Kish (Comer Award, COSAM, 2018)

DM - Dean's Medalist
URF - Undergraduate Research Fellowship
REU - Research Experience for Undergraduates

MS students Fisk University

B. Kent Wallace - Ionization instabilities in the Fisk Plasma Source
Gregory Lampkin - Plasma rotation in PHLUX
Cleon Barnett- Effect of rotation on driven waves in PHLUX

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