PHYS 4200 – Fundamental Experiments in Physics – Fall 2016


Tu,Th 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm – Allison Lab. 300

Tentative Experiment

E01 – Band Gap in Semiconductors
E03 – Hall Effect
E07 – Precision Interferometer: Michelson & Fabry-Perot
E08 – Optical Spectroscopy II (incl. Quantum Dots)
E09 – X-Ray Apparatus
E10 – Zeeman Effect
E12 – Frank Hertz Effect in 3 Gases
E16 – Determination of Boltzmann's Constant from Johnson Noise


Dr. Uwe Konopka


Office hours:

Tu,Th 10:00 am - 11:30 am,
We 02:00 pm – 03:00 pm – Allision 107

Tentative Course Schedule

Course Introduction

Tu, Aug 16th

Exp. 1

Th, Aug 18th

Tu, Aug 23rd

Th, Aug 25th

Tu, Aug 30th

Exp. 2

Th, Sep 1st

Tu, Sep 6th

Th, Sep 8th

Tu, Sep 13th

Exp. 3 – Paper 1 Due (Sep. 26th, 5PM)
Notebook collection 1: Sep. 27th after class

Th, Sep 15th

Tu, Sep 20th

Th, Sep 22nd

Tu, Sep 27th

Exp. 4

Th, Sep 29th

Tu, Oct 4th

Th, Oct 6th

Tu, Oct 11th

Exp. 5

Tu, Oct 13th

Th, Oct 18th

Tu, Oct 20th

Th, Oct 25th

Exp. 6

Tu, Oct 27th

Th, Nov 1st

Tu, Nov 3rd

Th, Nov 8th

Exp. 7 – Paper 2 Due (Nov. 28th, 5PM)
Notebook collection 2: Sep. 29th after class

Tu, Nov 10th

Th, Nov 15th

Tu, Nov 17th

Tu, Nov 29th


Th, Dec 1st

Actual Messages:

Welcome to the PHYS 4200 course. I hope you will have a good start in Fall 2016.

General Updates:
Updates (Aug.14): Setup of homepage.

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