10th Workshop on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas
St. Thomas, USVI - June 18 - 21, 2003

Companion and Add-On Activities

Add-on/Companion Activities:

Given the exotic locale for this meeting, the meeting organizers are planning a variety of companion and add-on activities for this meeting.

Planned companion activities include:

An add-on activity for all conference participants will include a day trip to the Virgin Islands National Park on the adjacent island of St. John. Detailed information (costs, dates, etc.) on these activities will be available on the website in the weeks ahead.

Participants will be asked to register for these activities via the Registration link once it becomes active. For some activites, there may be imited availability, so persons are requested to register early for these activities.

Companion and Add-On Activities - organized through Adventure Centers Virgin Islands

Summaries and pricing informataion are listed below. Children's rates are for 12 years old and younger. This
LINK contains detailed information on all of the add-on activities. The links on each activity contain similar information from the Adventure Center website.

NOTE: Each of these activiies run on a daily basis, therefore interested participants can sign up for these activities on-site. However, for activities with limits on the maximum number of participants (e.g., Water Island Bike Tour, St. John Safari, or Walking Tour), signing up through the website would allow you to reserve a spot on the specified day.

Prices listed below include ticket prices (if applicable), transporation and service fees, and all gratuities.