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The Plasma Sciences Laboratory (PSL) is one of theplasma physicsresearch laboratories in thePhysics DepartmentofAuburn University.

The mission of the laboratory is to carry out research to advance the knowledge of the fundamental phenomena in plasma sciences. This includes: studies of particle and energy transport in plasmas, collective behavior in plasma, and the interactions between plasmas and other materials.

Our work is centered on studies of flows in laboratory plasmas using the ALEXIS device and studies of dusty (complex) plasmas in the lab and in microgravity environments.

News and Updates:

March, 2017-Prof. Thomas to present an invited talk at the National Science Foundation.

February, 2017- Prof. Uwe Konopka has had a proposal funded by the NSF and NASA for research on the International Space Station.

January, 2017- PSL team members present papers at the 2017 URSI-NRSM in Boulder, CO.

November, 2016-Graduate student from Institute for Plasma Research (India) conducting a collaborative experiment strongly coupled complex plasmas using the MDPX device.

November, 2016-PSL presents six paper at theAPS-Division of Plasma Physics Meeting in San Jose, CA.

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